nedeľa 20. mája 2012

I love this weekend!!!!

May is always a month of ice-hockey for the whole Slovakia. 10 yrs ago, in 2002 our national team won The World Championship. After that they weren't very successfull, but this year!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited! We won the match with Czech republic yesterday and today it's the final match with Russia. Looking forward!

And in our town was a fair this weekend. You know, all the merry-go-rounds and sweeties and drunk people :D. But I love it, to stay out late and meet all those people. What was connected with the Championship, the city was full of fans with flags and painted faces, everyone was screaming and we were like one big family. Love it, love it, love it!!

 photos by Welin, my dear classmate
and I have a new haircut, what do u think? :D :))

Have a nice day

štvrtok 3. mája 2012

I'm 18 and I have a piano

It's my 18th birthday today. I knew that my dad, mum and brother were preparing some surprise for me. But I didn't know at all that it would be something like that. I have a new piano.

And I decided to start again, delete old wounds and broken love, but I know it doesn't depend on age... It's about the decision.

I am happy. That's my decision.